St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Foundation

The St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Foundation, Inc. was established in 2003 for the purpose of receiving charitable gifts to improve the financial strength of our congregation. It is a non-profit corporation affiliated with and operated exclusively for the benefit of St Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church and School.

The Foundation provides individuals a means for Christian stewardship and an opportunity to express in a tangible way their deep gratitude for God's many gifts and blessings. It also allows individuals to designate mission and ministry projects they want to support in their lifetime as well as when they have gone to their eternal home.


Endowments are a source of perpetual income, since only the investment earnings are normally spent, not the principal sums. The Foundation manages three types of endowments described as follows:

Unrestricted Fund

Gifts and bequests may be received that are unrestricted.

Foundation Restricted Funds

The Foundation Board has established the following restricted funds to benefit specific ministries of the church and school.

  • Building and Property Fund

    The income from this fund will be used to maintain and improve our facilities. (Examples: New furnaces, roof repair, organ repair, carpeting, remodeling, etc.)
  • Church/School Staff Fund

    The income from this fund will be used to support the salary, benefits, and professional development of our staff. (Examples: pastors, day school principal & teachers, music coordinator, youth director, technology staff, DCE, vicar, etc.)
  • Concordia Scholarship Fund

    The income from this fund will be used to give scholarships to students attending one of the LCMS Concordia Universities or Seminaries. Priority will be given to individuals from our congregation who are preparing for full-time church work.
  • General Operating Fund

    The income from this fund will be used to support our general operating budget. This fund will offer our members the opportunity to support our congregation even after the Lord has called them home. This fund will allow our congregation to support our current ministry and expand our ministry in the future.
  • Mission Fund

    The income from this fund will support the mission work of our congregation. (Examples: world mission projects, short-term mission trips, supporting other mission agencies, etc.)
  • Mercy and Human Care Fund

    The income from this fund will be used to support the mercy and human care work of our congregation. (Examples: assistance for members of our congregation and community, supporting other mercy human care ministries, etc.)
  • School Fund

    The income from this fund will be used to provide tuition assistance for students attending our day school and to purchase day school curriculum.
  • Technology Fund

    The income from this fund will be used to support the electronic and technology needs of our church/school. (Examples: computers, Internet, web site, video production, etc.)
  • Youth and Christian Growth Fund

    The income from this fund will be used to support our youth and Christian growth programs apart from our day school. (Examples: youth gatherings, youth mission trips, VBS programs, camp scholarships, etc.)

Donor Restricted Funds

Gifts and bequests may be received by the Foundation with special terms or conditions provided that such are acceptable to St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Foundation. In order to establish a Donor Restricted Fund, there must be a minimum principal of $50,000. The gift may be made on a deferred basis as long as it meets the $50,000 minimum requirement. Examples of this could be a gift in a will, trust, life insurance, IRA beneficiary, etc.

Legacy Gifts

Contributions and bequests that are not endowments are legacy gifts. The Foundation Board manages these assets and makes recommendations for the use of these gifts to assist the congregation in fulfilling its mission and reaching its vision. These gifts may be used immediately or spread out over a period of time. Current legacy gifts are Building Debt Reduction Fund and Elevator Fund.

For more information e-mail us at or contact our congregation's Christian Estate Planning Counselor: Jim Schroeder (515) 490-7371