Men's Ministries

Who We Are

LuMen's: spreading the perceived power of the light of the world emitting from a single source - Jesus Christ our Lord!

'LABOR': LuMen's Assistance Brigade Of Relief!

Can't change a light bulb, a furnace filter, can't rake and bag those falling leaves, can't get that yard work done yourself anymore, ladders just aren't your thing and those windows are getting grimy, etc.? Then you can use some 'LABOR'! We can't help with everything, however we'll get those little things, which used to be no problem, taken care of for you!

Please check in the Communications Center for the new "I NEED LABOR SIGN UP BOARD" that we hope will work better than the workers list we had for the last 2 years. This way any of the LuMen's* men can pick a job and get it done without going through the middle man and hopefully complete your needed work more quickly.

If you can't make it into church and need assistance please contact the church office, we'll get someone on the 'LABOR' list to get in touch with you!

Bible Studies

Monday Night

Our 6:30 p.m. Monday night men's Bible study is led by Pastor Peitsch and meets in the church board room. It is open to any men interested in discussing the Scriptures, both members of St. Paul and non-members. Our studies are typically topical in nature and we have covered a wide range of topics. On occasion, we will watch movies and discuss Biblical themes raised in the films. We have just finished a study of James to wrap up our year and look forward to beginning again after summer break has ended.

Tuesday Morning

Our 6:30 a.m. Tuesday morning men's study is open to men who are members of St. Paul and those who are from the community. We are currently reading through and discussing the book of I Kings and will also be covering II Kings. Our focus is on gaining a better perspective on the relationships, the political and cultural issues facing the people featured in the reading, and how this history relates to the ultimate fulfillment of God's promise of the Savior. Often, conversation swings to discussion of current day relationships, the political and cultural issues facing God's people today, and how the current events point us to the message of God's continuing promise of redemption through Christ.

Thursday Morning

Our 7:00 a.m. Thursday morning men's Bible study meets at Zakeer's in Fort Dodge. We are open to any men who wish to attend. This study, led by Pastor Henderson, is working its way consecutively through the Scriptures. Currently we are studying the book of Genesis. Feel free to come, have some breakfast, and study God's Word with us.

Serve with Us

The men of St. Paul have various opportunities for you to serve with us. Please contact our church office if you have interest in serving in any of the following capacities:

  • Lumen's Labor List
  • Ushering
  • Communion Assistants